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Nine Peaks Solutions is your future technology partner for capturing historical and compliance information from your old HRMS and helping perform data conversions when you’re ready for a new system. Nine Peaks’ staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to helping you manage your valuable HR & payroll information.

Your skill and knowledge base was vital to the success of our project.”
– Kim Baumert, Payroll/HRIS Manager, Mental Health Center of Denver

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HRISReporter is proprietary software developed to alleviate a pain point for our customers. Many of our clients were transitioning away from outdated HRMS systems but still had years of historical data they needed to access. HRISReporter takes that data – everything from payroll information and totals to employee pay statements and HR/employment history – and puts it into an easy to use format for retrieval – PDFs or Microsoft SQL Express database with prebuilt queries and reports. Learn more about how HRISReporter can benefit your business.

HRMS Consulting

Evaluating and choosing a new Human Resource Management System is no easy task. Our staff has been working with a variety of HRMS systems for more than 40 years. We can help you in a variety of ways from choosing a new system to helping with the data conversation and migration after a chosen system. Read this blog post on, “Determining if your HR and Payroll systems are supporting the growth of your business or hindering it.” The post includes a SWOT analysis tool.

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