HRMS Consulting and Support



Are you in the process of changing HCM Systems? Do have the need to save the information from your present HCM system tenant prior to the application no longer being being available? We have the solution to your Payroll and Human Resources historical data & compliance requirements! HCMReporter is the bridge to have your current system’s information available in your new HCM System. A wide variety of source and destination systems are covered. Follow this link to view additional details.

CORT / NuView Consulting & Support

For many years top organizations have relied on the CORT and NuView products for their payroll and human capital needs, where these solutions continue to play a vital role in a company’s operational success. With proper care and feeding, these products help organizations tackle their tactical needs and execute on business strategies.

Nine Peaks Solutions has 50 plus years of combined experience in CORT NuView consulting and support. From application optimization to technical assistance, Nine Peaks is here to help add value to your investment.

Time for a change? Nine Peaks guides you through the complexities of improving your existing system or transitioning to a new solution. Our project management services include:

  • Conducting a needs analysis and documenting your current and future requirements
  • Identification of potential solutions, product evaluations, and system selection
  • Data migration and implementation
  • Many other services are available, click here to use the HCM compass to chart your course


Have you been told you must uninstall your CORT or NuView software? We have something new, and it will alleviate a lot of your history or compliance headaches. HRISReporter is a reporting tool for former CORT Payroll and HR users. Imagine accessing historical info from your old database in user-friendly PDF documents.

Our level of effort can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget and can include any or all of these project phases/deliverables. Contact us to begin the conversation about CORT NuView consulting, making a change, or our new HRISReporter tool.

Note: Nine Peaks Solutions LLC is an independent technology and services organization and is not affiliated with Ignite Technologies, Inc.