Customer Spotlight

Noble Schools is an open enrollment, public charter school network. Noble Schools serve more than 12,000 students across 18 campuses and support more than 20,000 alumni. They are tuition-free, public charter schools open to all students that live in the city of Chicago. Noble decided to transition to a new HRIS and Payroll system in late 2021. They were referred to us to help retain their historical data with HCMReporter® which is a propriety piece of software at Nine Peaks Solutions. Once we completed this project we moved onto the next phase: the collection and scanning all of their paper-based employee records that can date back to 1999 when the organization was founded.


We have the deliverables for these two projects coming together nicely:

  • #1: Digital ReclamationTM – Retention of content already digitized that would have been lost on a system change. This was done using HCMReporter®. Nine Peaks took the time to understand what information needs to move forward and to keep Noble Schools thriving. Our team worked to extract the data out of the old system and deliver it in two ways: into their new Paycom® HCM system and into a Laserfiche® repository. Laserfiche is an enterprise content management system that indexes the contents’ easy search, management, and retention functions.
  • #2: We digitized existing paper-based HR and Payroll records for efficiency and secure accessibility from a remote location. We used the Laserfiche repository folder structure to organize over 200k files to be accessed from anywhere, online, securely from the Laserfiche Cloud. In addition to ease of access, this project also freed up space in the Noble Schools office. Nine Peaks came to get the files, loaded the boxes, did all the scanning, classification, indexing, and destruction of the historical documents.


This was a seamless transition from Noble’s existing previous HCM system and hard copy documents to a fully functional Laserfiche Cloud system, in conjunction with their new HRIS. All the implementation, training, and support for Laserfiche was done by Nine Peaks, this keeps everything in one easily accessible repository!

Noble Schools was leading this project from start to finish. Nine Peaks worked to match their previous and new systems to create a space that was complimentary. This was an effort in partnership with their organization to go green and take another step to sustainability! If you want to know more information on the Noble Schools check out their website at or contact us here at Nine Peaks Solutions.