Document Management

If you’re overwhelmed by documents, you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing Laserfiche®…your digital document management assistant. This software solution works for all size companies in a variety of industries. It can be used to capture paper documents digitally or to manage all your organization’s digital content. Imagine Dropbox or Windows Explorer on steroids!

Interested in doing any of these things, contact us ASAP to learn more about Laserfiche:
  • Decrease overhead costs of paper storage, office space and additional hiring.
  • Streamline operations by automating repetitive, manual processes.
  • Manage all your organizational content throughout its life cycle.
  • Facilitate compliance with robust security and auditing features.
  • Integrate seamlessly with the applications your employees use every day.

This software is completely scalable. Laserfiche allows you to grow and expand. Plus, it’s affordable!

Nine Peaks Solutions – Your ‘Peak Performance’ Technology Partner®

As a Laserfiche authorized solution provider, Nine Peaks Solutions helps businesses achieve peak performance with technology. Through a desire to help companies work smarter, we offer a complete look at your organization’s processes and match the right technology to boost productivity. Whether a small firm with paper-based processes or a mid/large-size company that wants to work better, we help streamline processes, reduce overhead costs, and improve performance.

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*Limited quantities available. Nine Peaks is not affiliated with Rocketbook. Rocketbook is a smart notebook – it’s a twist on the traditional pen and paper notebook. You can instantly transfer your written notes into the cloud using your smartphone.