What Does Laserfiche Do?

Document Management and a whole lot more!

Laserfiche is an enterprise content management (ECM) or digital content management software that takes all your manual processes and streamlines them into an elegant digital workflow.

Streamline Your Business With Process Automation

Manage mission-critical processes and eliminate busywork with powerful workflows, e-forms and analytics. Our clients have automated their process, increased accessibility and searchability, and eliminated the paper trail. Easy-to-use reports measure process success and help evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations. Automated task reminders ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Process automation can be applied to any type of process eliminating paper forms and manual approvals for an improved user experience. Example uses include: automated sales cycles, document approval processes, invoice processes, information requests, and more.

“One of the biggest returns is seeing the excitement when staff members successfully use the system and comment to others how easy it is to use.” – Shelley Metzler, President, Interstate Roofing Learn how Interstate Roofing uses Laserfiche to improve their customer service and efficiency.

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Get Organized With Paperless Content Management

Digitally capture, secure and organize content across your organization, including documents, images, videos and more. Convert your paper documents into a searchable, digital format then organize them in a central repository to help make faster, better business decisions. You’ll save paper and storage space along with having greater control over sharing and securing documents.

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Secure and Safe Platform Services

Support compliance, integrate applications, and drive information security across the enterprise. Laserfiche is a customizable solution. We can help you establish guidelines for organizing your documents to ensure compliance (record retention!) and business continuity for your company.

With a Department of Defense 5015.2 certification, Laserfiche’s ability to protect sensitive content and achieve records integrity is second to none. Laserfiche integrates with many customer resource management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Ask us to explore how your organization can benefit.

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Who uses Laserfiche to improve their processes?

Laserfiche Case Studies

Nine Peaks is a Laserfiche authorized solution provider in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. We plan and implement Laserfiche to help organizations work smarter and grow. Contact us today for a free consultation.