Early Learning Hubs

We are successfully collaborating with an early learning center in Oregon on multiple programs:

  • Program Screening & Enrollments
  • Program Eligibility
  • Income Level Verification
  • Reporting by Demographics
  • Records Retention

How it works

Links to all kinds of assistance applications are published on your website, an applicant selects an appropriate form, fills it out and submits online. The form is then saved in a cloud-based system and forwarded for an internal review. The applicant gets an automated email about the application being received and reviewed. After the reviewer verifies all the information, the application is either approved or rejected, and the applicant gets an automated notice of the outcome.

What is in it for you?

This automated process cuts down application processing times significantly (3-4 times less time required for review). All the calculations are automated, employees do not need to waste time looking up numbers in tables with percentages of FPL to verify an applicant’s income. There is no need to process paper copies and then scan them to store them in digital form, everything is saved securely in a cloud-based system. The system is so easy to use, that work can start on the day of installation with no training at all or with a minimal training (1-3 hours).

Laserfiche® is a program we use to create your forms and workflows.

Since this is a cloud-based solution, you will not need an IT expert to manage it. The community members can access and fill out the forms online. This is a paperless process.


Preschool Enrollment Program

We helped an Early Learning Hub to go paperless with their subsidized preschool eligibility verification program. With our process, people who want to participate in this program fill out screening applications online. They get an automated notification that their form has been received and is being reviewed.

Then an Early Learning Hub employee reviews the screening form with the help of in-built automated calculations of comparing actual income with the legally established eligibility criteria. The form is then either rejected or approved, of which the applicant is automatically notified.

If a screening form is approved, the applicant gets an email with a link to the full application form where all required information is filled out and all required supporting documents are securely uploaded into the Laserfiche cloud, thus eliminating work with email attachments for the Early Learning Hub employees.

The forms and related documents are automatically sorted and neatly organized in the Laserfiche repository in folders by last names.

The forms have in-built automated protection against duplicate submissions with changed information. People who have already submitted a screening application, cannot submit it again, they must call the Early Learning Hub to be able to do so.

For this program we have also developed a reporting capability, where a report can be generated in one click based on a specific criterion – ethnicity, income level, primary language. Reports are based on the metadata that is automatically collected from all the applications and stored in the Laserfiche repository.

The forms are available in English and Spanish and can be localized to other languages at a minimal cost. All forms can be opened and filled out in a browser from a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or any other device with a browser.

Stipend Application

We implemented this program within a week due to its urgency – the program provides assistance for medical personnel’s children’s childcare and tuition fees in during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this program, eligible people submit a short application, specifying the tuition type they are requesting. We have been using a dynamic form to include all the program’s criteria. Based on the rules, a person can only request childcare or tuition fees, not both, so the form is built in a way, that if an applicant selects one type of fees, they cannot select the other.

Once the form is submitted, the reviewer gets a notification about a new form waiting for review. The reviewer’s section of the form has in-built calculations of the eligibility criteria, namely, if the income level is within the established range. It also contains checkboxes to check for other eligibility criteria based on supporting documents: place of applicant’s work, certification of a childcare or tutoring center and others.

We are proud of being able to implement this program within a very short timeframe and with very limited specifications from the customer. The details of the process were being refined on the go along with the changing regulations. It is flexible enough to be adjusted once the regulations change again.

All forms can be opened and filled out in a browser from a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or any other device with a browser.

Children and Pregnant Women Referral Program

We have implemented this program to give a capability for organizations and people to refer children and pregnant women for 11 existing programs they might be eligible to participate in.

Women can also refer themselves using the same form.

This process helps the early learning hub connect children and women with the resources available for them. We have also automated a follow-up process where the early learning hub notifies the referring source of the outcome of the referral. We also automated a quarterly check-in with the agencies in charge of the assistance programs, where an automated request is sent out to all involved agencies asking them to fill out the status of the referral and reasons for its success or failure.

This program saves employees a lot of time that would be spent on looking up for data in multiple places, filling out follow-up forms and requests and sending them out by email. Right now, everything is done automatically, the responsible employees only review the documents and access the repository on an as-needed basis.

All forms can be opened and filled out in a browser from a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or any other device with a browser.

This program also has a report-generating capability, where in just a few clicks an employee can build a list of all people referred by various criteria: referral source sector, reasons for referral, success rate, age range and others.


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