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Nine Peaks’ Check Setup for Additional Direct Deposits

Do employees struggle to make sense of their pay statement when they have more than one direct deposit? Do you find yourself spending valuable time explaining how additional direct deposit information displays?

Well, you’re not alone. If you’re like many CORT clients, you are using a standard check setup that can be rather confusing. You see, the standard setup puts the additional direct deposit data with regular deductions in the Deductions Window. It adds the direct deposit amount to Total Deductions, and does not include the additional direct deposit in the net deposit amount. No wonder it’s confusing!

What if you could create a pay statement that doesn’t require explanation and eliminates confusion? Good news … you can! And Nine Peaks is here to help.

Our custom check setup includes:

  • Removing the additional direct deposit from the Deduction Window
  • Adjusting the current and YTD net amounts to include all direct deposits
  • Displaying all direct deposit records with the deposit amount and last four digits of the account

Check it out on the images below!

DDTraditionalFormat DDNew&Improved