5 NW Hawthorne Avenue Suite 100, Bend, OR 97703-2935

“Bend is one of those magical places that you never want to leave. It’s full of tasty beer, smiling people, dogs, outdoor activities and sunshine.” — The Statesman Journal

We have deep roots in the Central Oregon region — going back almost eighty years (a long time in our area).

We are located in Bend Oregon. Specifically our office is just a few blocks from downtown Bend in Hawthorne Square. This is home for the Nine Peaks organization.

Bend is unique in that it is located right on the border of the rain shadow of the Cascade mountains. One side of town has Ponderosa Pine forests. The other side of town is Sagebrush and Juniper trees. It can be bright and sunny on the East side of town, at the same time when it is snowing on the West side of town. The two sides of town are separated by a just a couple of miles. The beautiful Deschutes River runs right through town. You can check out what is happening in town on the live action cameras available on the top link below. Be sure to look in on the surfers in the water park camera.

Bend is the largest city east of the Cascade Mountains in the State of Oregon.

If you do come to Bend, please contact us ahead of time so we can arrange to get together for coffee at Thump or Lone Pine at their downtown locations.


What is the weather like there?




Why are you located in Central Oregon?



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Any good resources if I want to plan a trip to visit Bend and Central Oregon?



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