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City of Elizabeth, New Jersey

Overcoming Data Overload with Affordable Care Act Compliance

The City of Elizabeth is the fourth largest city in New Jersey with nearly 125,000 people. To support this growing community the city employs more than 1,000 full and part time staff members. When reporting requirements in 2015 were released for The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the city knew it needed help with extracting the extensive information from their CORT Payroll software to meet compliance.


Nine Peaks began by identifying the information to compile for each month.

  • Each month that an employee enrolled in coverage (or the reason an employee was not enrolled).
  • Each month an employee was offered minimum essential coverage providing minimum value.
  • Each month that minimum essential coverage was offered to the employee’s spouse and/or dependent children under age 26.
  • The dollar amount of the employee’s share of the lowest cost monthly premium for self-only coverage providing minimum value that was offered.

Working with the City, we evaluated their current system and what reports were available. We then provided custom reports to extract the data.


The City of Elizabeth saved hours of manual data manipulation by employing Nine Peaks to ease the burden of ACA reporting. With a quick eight week turnaround, the City submitted their 1094C and 1095C filings successful.

As the Union County Seat, the City of Elizabeth contains most major governmental offices and courts servicing the County. Over the past years the City has experienced remarkable revitalization and development efforts boasting the area’s most exciting retail and entertainment opportunities. Last year more than 15 million people visited Elizabeth’s Jersey Gardens Mall, the largest mall on the East Coast. Elizabeth is also home to the nation’s top performing IKEA store and the largest Toys-R-Us Kids World. Elizabeth is a City easily accessible by land, sea, rail, and air, located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Nation. It is a great American City that many are proud to call home and many more love to visit.