Community Partners

We believe in giving back to the community at Nine Peaks.

Here are the organizations we partnered with during the last seven years to help make a difference in our local community / state:


Central Oregon Veterans Outreach

COVO is an advocate for Veterans of all generations in Central Oregon, a particular focus has been on getting homeless, or at-risk Veterans, off the streets, and removing barriers that put them in the position of being homeless.

COVO supports numerous Veterans and their families by providing a wide variety of housing alternatives, as well as job search preparedness and placement assistance. COVO continues to innovate and grow. Each new opportunity allows COVO to offer an increasing array of support from which Veterans and their families can choose to better the quality of their lives.


bethlehem innThe Bethlehem Inn is more than a shelter – it provides shelter, help, hope, and sustenance for the people that they assist. The commitment is to ensure that the residents have the opportunity to move forward with their lives. Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes it takes several months.

Success can mean something different for each resident, whether it is obtaining a copy of a birth certificate, a valid ID, medical or dental care, housing or employment.


BrightSide is a high-save shelter focused on sheltering and rehabilitating animals, and equipping them for success in their next home. They believe that every animal who enters through the back receiving door deserves the chance to leave through the front door with a secure future.

BrightSide’s purpose is clear: to save the animals that come to them, and to find adoptive forever homes for them.


Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the premier organization for student leaders preparing for careers in business, management, entrepreneurship, and technology.

For over 70 years FBLA has been the place where more than 15 million students have found the keys to unlocking the doors to career success, personal achievement, and business leadership. Along with the Collegiate Division (Phi Beta Lambda), FBLA is the place where business and education comes to life for students!