Mt. Hood – 11,240 (f) 3,426 (m)


There is nothing like an early morning and being on Wy’East at the 6000’ level or higher.

Outline for one of the pure “Oregon bucket list items” to do: bring with you a pair of binoculars from home, spend Saturday night at Timberline Lodge, wake up early, get a cup of coffee from downstairs, purchase a copy of the Sunday Oregonian, and then stake out one of the windows in the lodge facing to the South. You’re in for a treat on a clear day: you get to watch the sun come up by viewing the first light coming down the East side of Mt. Jefferson. The only thing better would be standing on the summit of Oregon and being able to watch the show — about another mile higher in elevation. To the North in the State of Washington: Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier. To the South: the remainder of the Nine Peaks from which our company takes its name.







hood_from_plane IMG_1641 PICT0010