22 Laserfiche Benefits in 2022!

Digital Transformation can be difficult, if not done correctly. There is real work involved in getting an organization moving forward with digital processes that can be utilized from anywhere. A project to get started correctly, and while not creating rework, takes some thought and planning. Laserfiche has put together a Digital Transformation Model (DTM) that project managers can use to help facilitate a smooth implementation process. The model has been designed to be flexible, and yet assure that the results accelerate how business gets done.

Spoiler Alert! We’ve actually started introducing the overall DTM process with the last benefit we discussed in our current series of LinkedIn posts — Easy Capture. This is part of the Digitize pillar in the Digital Transformation Model. In the coming weeks we’ll be covering the other parts of Digitization. In the future we’ll also be covering the other pillars in the Digital Transformation Model — Automate & Transform. If you would like to jump ahead and learn more on the DTM — you can follow this link.

The three pillars in the Digital Transformation Model are:

Why tell the story of 22 Laserfiche Benefits in 2022!?

With an application, a system, and a development tool (yes, it is all three) as deep and wide as Laserfiche, it is very difficult to tell the complete story. During 2022 Nine Peaks Solutions will be introducing one benefit of using a Laserfiche Content Management based solution every two weeks via a LinkedIn post. Follow the progress of the benefits being introduced throughout the year via this webpage: We will also be using these hash tags within LinkedIn: #DigitalTransformation #Paperless #22LFBenefitsIn2022 and others that are directly related to the benefit being covered. For the Digital Transformation Model: #DigitalTransformationModel #HowToStartDigitalTransformation #Digitize #Automate #Transform #ContinuousImprovement.

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