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Research shows a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404% after implementing a document management system. Half of the organizations in an IDC study had a payback as early as six months. IDC stands for International Data Corporation, the premier global provider of market intelligence, so they know their stuff!

Jaw Dropping Benefits of Document Management #5: RECORDS MANAGEMENT. Investing in a new software solution isn’t an easy decision. Improving your company’s bottom line is. A few benefits of implementing a records management plan using document management software includes:

Creating Efficiency – A document management system sets standards and procedures, so files are easy to access, saving time and money.

Avoiding Fines – Data protection legislation and industry-specific document retention laws set timeframes that records must be retained. That’s not easy to manage if you don’t have a document management system.

Reducing Space – Whether cloud, server, or physical space, why pay for it if you don’t need to? Having a records management system in place helps manage archiving and destruction of documents – both digital and hard copy – to free up space and save money.

You don’t always have to spend money to make money, but when you’re talking technology, you usually do. The cost of implementing a document management solution is ultimately an investment in your organization’s future success. Overall, lower costs and increased revenue result in enhanced profitability and business growth! This study proves it…

Increased Profitability by Business Size*

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