Business is booming, but is your HR staff about to burst?




The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nonfarm payroll employment rose by 157,000 in July 2018. Wow! Businesses across a variety of industries are hiring like mad. Are you one of them?

Jaw Dropping Benefits of Document Management #6: IMPROVING HUMAN RESOURCES PROCESSES. From recruiting and onboarding to employee information management, using a document management system to organize, automate, and secure employee data can be life-changing…especially for your HR staff.

Here is the proof…
The City of Elgin, Illinois reports saving 350 hours of labor by integrating a document management system (Laserfiche) with their current ERP system (NaviLine) to automate onboarding and benefits enrollment for new employees. Instead of employees filling out a paper form and staff manually entering the information into their payroll system, employees fill out digital forms and workflows make automatic updates in the payroll system.

Warmerdam Packing in Hanford, California hires 1,500-2,000 seasonal workers every year. That’s a lot of forms (e.g., job application, I-9, W-4, etc.). By using a document management system, they were able to make their HR onboarding process wholly paperless and link their ERP system’s data with their documents. With 75% of their employees rehires they can now easily access historical data all in one place.
These stories are just a couple from hundreds of examples of how a document management system can improve the human resource processes in any company.

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