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Do you work in an industry that is highly regulated? Would it be helpful to know precisely who’s opened a document and when? Let’s talk auditing and reporting!

Jaw Dropping Benefits of Document Management #7: AUDITING + REPORTING. Not all firms need this much oversight but if your business depends on meeting strict regulations this function of a document management system is for you. Laserfiche is the repository for all the documents. Auditing enables you to track all activities performed on an individual document…who opened it, how long it was open for, what actions were taken, etc. Combined with other aspects of the document management system, auditing not only helps to show compliance with legal regulations but also contributes to the security of the Laserfiche repository. Basically, it’s like getting a report on the breadcrumb trail!

Laserfiche auditing gives you fine-grain control over how auditing options are configured, allowing you to audit by user or group and audit both successful and failed attempts to perform an action. You can also specify that certain types of operations (such as document deletion or export) will require users to provide a reason. Once you have selected events to audit, you can view, filter, and export audit information in Audit Reports. You can create reports to analyze audit data, see the news as a chart, filter it to include only the information relevant to you, and export the data for use in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. So many possibilities!

Auditing + Reporting: Need an example?

The folks at Laserfiche* created this “Inspector’s Office” example to help understand the use of Audit and Reporting:
As a manager in the Inspector’s Office, one of Mindy Manager’s duties is to keep track of all the ongoing inspections. She likes to keep track of which employees are working on which inspections to keep a tab on employee workloads as well as for compliance purposes. One way that Mindy can see which employees worked with which documents is to create an Audit Trail report that she can run with the click of a button on any of the inspection-related documents. This report will let her know who has made any changes to the document or its associated template.

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* Contributed by Justin Pava, Software Release Manager and Connie Anderson, Technical Writer, Laserfiche