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Each month our “The Dirt on Document Management” newsletter provides a document management tip. Check back each month for a new tip!

Tip #1: Use a standard naming convention for folders and files.

  • Include dates in your name.
  • Decide on consistant formats such as YYYY-MM-DD or LastName-FirstName.
  • Use a numbering scheme to keep large folders of files in order.
  • No spaces in file names.
  • Don’t use special characters other than the dash character.
  • Keep it simple.

Tip #2: Don’t Make Copies, Make Shortcuts

  • A shortcut is a link to the location of a document, not a copy.
  • This prevents multiple copies and reduces digital document clutter.
  • To make a shortcut, right click on a folder or file and click “Create Shortcut.”

Simple steps can lead to profound change. – Kris Carr

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