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Running a small to mid-size healthcare clinic is no easy task. With hundreds of pieces of paper, tons of data, and so many complaince challenges having a solid electronic medical document management system that links with your existing EMR system is a must. Here are five ways to increase your office’s productivity.

#1 Digitize your Documents: Convert your historic and current paper records into an digital files creating a electronic filing cabinet for archiving and retrieval.

Are these your pain points?

  • Excessive storage costs (see above)
  • Risk of document loss
  • Lack of document access control – security issues!
  • Wasted staff time

By digitizing your documents these will be the benefits:

  • Reduce costs
  • Secure critical documents and ensure HIPPA Compliance
  • Eliminate paper

#2 Organize your Documents: Extract your metadata with advanced capture to be managed in a centralized repository.

Are these your pain points?

  • Paper-based data entry
  • No central access to documents
  • Fustrated staff
  • Redundant work activity

By organizing your documents these will be the benefits:

  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Document classification and organization
  • Quickly retrieve documents
  • Enable document collaboration
  • Reduce duplicate work activities

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#3 Automate your Processes: Digitize processes through electronic forms to improve accountability.

Are these your pain points?

  • Excessive manual processes
  • Process may be digital but not standardized
  • Lack of data integration between applications
  • Lacking data governance

By automating your processes these will be the benefits:

  • Improve productivity and capacity
  • Standardize processes
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Address regulatory compliance

#4 Streamline your Processes: Increase your operational transparency and efficiency of cross-functional processes. Really find where the inefficiencies are in your current processes and clean them up!

Are these your pain points?

  • Cumbersome, complex processes
  • Lacking data policy oversight
  • Limited process visibility across teams, departments, or people

By streamling your processes these will be the benefits:

  • Support good data stewardship
  • Manage security and compliance risks
  • Gain business insights
  • Optimize staffing levels

#5 Transform your Processes: Drive innovation by leveraging analytics to align processes with your business goals. Change things up based on research.

Are these your pain points?

  • Balancing central control with local flexibility
  • Not aligned with business needs
  • Re-engineering costs (change management)
  • Limited analytics

By transforming your processes these will be the benefits:

  • Run and innovate with a bi-modal approach
  • Create an agile business ecosystem
  • Goal alignment and execution

Interested in learning more about how to create a more efficient medical, dental, or eye care practice? This isn’t replacing your current EMR system. It’s connecting and enhancing it! Contact Nine Peaks Solutions for a free, no obligation document management analysis.


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