Client Service is Essential


I love to go out for breakfast on weekend mornings, do the Sudoku, and think what the day and the coming week will bring. I write notes in the margins on the newspaper on what is critical to accomplish and have something to eat. This is my quiet thought time until this usually plays out: The waitperson arrives with my food ordered and asks, “Would you like Ketchup or Tabasco with that?” And then the follow-on question: “Can I get you anything else?” Some restaurants have already tried to anticipate the answer to both questions and have the condiments waiting on the counter for you.

A lot of times when a business launches they fail to listen to prospects and clients on what they really want or fail to ask the question. We have attempted to avoid this pitfall as Nine Peaks Solutions has started up. We have adjusted our products and services offerings over the last three years based on the feedback received and have also tried to anticipate needs. For example, we have developed products (HRISReporter), acquired partners (Laserfiche, Microsoft, Epson, SIGNiX, DocuSign, and Dropbox), and have learned to support and service software products specific around this thought line.

So… an open question here…. How did we do? Did we remember the ketchup or did we ask you what you would like to see from us? We’d love to hear from you…whether we did a good job, or you have something else in mind that we should be offering. We are still growing and learning, and I look forward to hearing from you. We are just an email or phone call away.

From your head Tech Sherpa, Eric Skidmore

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