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2017 was a thought-provoking year for everyone. New white house leadership, a changing economy, and tough world talks. Nine Peaks owner, Eric Skidmore, takes a break to reflect on 2017 and look forward to 2018!

If you could wrap up 2017 in two words what would they be? Change and Growth! Over the last year, there have been lots of changes in the world of Nine Peaks resulting in significant growth. We rolled out a new proprietary software, moved to a new office, achieved some pretty remarkable certifications, hosted our first in-person workshop, and retained and brought on numerous new clients that have made a tremendous impact on our success this year.

Nine Peaks celebrated your second anniversary in March. What are you most proud? My team! I’ve worked hard to hire the right people and build a strong company culture. Our team of Tech Sherpas has a depth of experience and passion for client service that I can’t be more proud of. Tech Sherpa is a term we use with each other. Like mountaineering Sherpas that help climbers reach the summit, we assist our clients, and each other, achieve goals using our diverse knowledge and drive. I’m able to tap this great group of people to pull together the right team for each of our clients’ projects.

In addition to our collaborative team, Nine Peaks has a resource list of five additional CORT and NuView professionals that provide support & services when needed.

Nine Peaks provides technology services to companies that need help with their Human Resource Management Systems or are looking to increase efficiencies through paperless processes. So tell us about this new software? HRISReporter was developed to alleviate a pain point for our clients. Many of our original clients were transitioning away from their CORT or NuView HR and Payroll systems but still had years of historical data they needed to access. HRISReporter takes that data including payroll information and totals, employee pay statements, and HR/employment history and puts it into an easy to use format for retrieval – PDFs or Microsoft SQL Express database with prebuilt queries and reports. We launched the software in July 2017 and to-date have already produced 1.3 million pdf reports.

You mentioned remarkable certifications, what does that mean to your clients? Every day there are new developments in technology that change the way we do business. Having a technology partner that maintains and gains certifications throughout the year, stays up-to-date on changes, and provides forward-thinking solutions is critical for an organization. For example, Nine Peaks achieved Microsoft’s Silver competency status and completed specialized training in application development and data platforms to fuel our Microsoft knowledge and services. As our society moves to a more app-driven economy and the amount of data a single company manages continues to increase, competencies in these areas will help our clients build secure technology infrastructure to support their business.

Individual certifications included:

  • Jeff Clark, Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Jim Vernon, Microsoft Certified Professional and Laserfiche Certified Professional
  • Eric Skidmore, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, and Laserfiche Certified Professional
  • Taylor Henegar, Laserfiche Gold Certified Professional

Now we’ve taken a look back at 2017, what’s your outlook for 2018? The general public will continue to expect all information at their fingertips. Therefore businesses will need to improve their document management processes. According to a Harvard Business School study, those companies that embraced digital technology saw an average 55% growth in gross margins over a three year period. Those who did not embrace digital technology only saw a 33% growth. Digital transformation will continue to benefit businesses in 2018. I’m pretty excited to see more companies use technology and document management to build their business.

Last question, what’s your New Year’s resolutions? Personally, I am focusing on a healthier lifestyle. Gone are the days of soda breaks and now more water and walks. Hold me to it! Plus it’s my 40th high school reunion! From a professional standpoint, I want to continue to grow Nine Peaks Solutions’ staff expertise – both through continued education/certification and hiring additional team members to support our clients in their digital transformation.

Here is to having a great 2018!
From your head Tech Sherpa, Eric Skidmore

Let us help you discover how technology and document management can help you work more efficiently and grow your business in 2018. Contact Nine Peaks Solutions for a complimentary evaluation of your business technology!