Digital Transformation, Part 1: Digitizing Documents

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The term ‘Digital Transformation’ is being thrown around by software giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM. But what does it mean? Isn’t everything already digital these days? It’s not about a single digital file; it’s about transforming how your business generates, stores and processes data today and in the future. Still not quite sure how this affects you?

We’re doing a five-part blog series to lay out a roadmap for digital transformation – the future of business operations. See where you are in the process and what improvements you can incorporate, so you’re working more efficient and growing your business.

Phase 1 begins with digitizing documents. You’re creating an electronic file cabinet and eliminating all those banker boxes and metal file cabinets full of historical and current documents. The focus is reducing paper, reducing storage costs, and reducing the risk of information loss. Here in Central Oregon, we had a rough winter. With record snowfall, many businesses across town suffered from collapsed roofs. I heard horror stories of companies losing years’ worth of information stored in file cabinets & boxes. Since they weren’t able to access the information digitally, it also hindered their business operations.

There are many key benefits any organization will realize from eliminating paper…quickly accessing information, freeing up office square footage (which we know isn’t cheap these days!), and building a digital foundation. Has your company completed the first phase of the digital transformation model? If yes, stay tuned for phase two, organizing content. If you haven’t completed phase one contact us and we can show you how to get there.

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