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The average office spends $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet (the cabinet, rent on the office space, and labor to fill it with documents) and $2,000 annually to maintain it. How many file cabinets do you have in your office? That’s a lot of money!

Jaw Dropping Benefits of Document Management #4 WORKFLOWS + FORMS. Put an end to file cabinets! Does your company have intake forms, customer sales forms, client information forms, inspection forms (and the list goes on)? With a document management system, you eliminate paper forms – and associated manual approvals – to provide a better user experience. Online forms for internal and external use captures information in a centralized repository and allows you to access and search from anywhere. Imagine if you’re a roofing company and you can directly enter all the prospect contact information, roof style, existing roofing material, and photos of the existing home on a site with a laptop or tablet and it’s automatically put into the sales pipeline so you can ensure excellent customer service and follow up. That’s precisely what workflows and forms can do to manage your documents and operations.

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