Digital Transformation, Part 3: Workflow Automation

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Did you know implementing workflow automation could save your company 20-30% in time efficiencies? Welcome to phase three of the digital transformation model – automating your processes or workflow automation. At this point your documents are digitized (phase 1) and organized (phase 2), now it’s time to automate. Automation comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s taking manual processes and making them automatic. To go fully digital and realized digital transformation, you have to digitize the processes that generate the paper. From initial information capture to routing, review, and approval, all the way through integrating with your business applications and keeping an audit trail and securely retaining information according to records retention policies.

Not sure what in your company can be automated? First, ask your employees what their most tedious tasks and processes are. Next ask your clients, customers, and users what brings them frustration in your process. This is your list of potential areas for workflow automation.

There are numerous reasons and benefits to implement workflow automation…increased productivity by elimination of manual tasks, money saved by reducing human errors and using fewer resources, and improved customer service by having accessible information. One of the top reason, I think, is employee happiness. Change can be hard on staff but eliminating tedious tasks will bring so much satisfaction to your employees you’ll be amazed!

Has your company completed the first (digitize), second (organize), and third (automate) phases of the digital transformation model? If yes, stay tuned for phase four, streamlining your processes. If you haven’t completed phase one through three contact me and I can show you how to get there.

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