Nine Peaks Establishes New Director of Content Management Software

It brings us great pleasure to announce that Taylor has been promoted to Director of Content Management Software!

Anyone who has worked with Taylor knows just how dedicated and driven she is. Taylor tackles every project with enthusiasm and an unrelenting determination to exceed expectations. What’s just as impressive is her ability to juggle multiple complex responsibilities with calm and organization. She effortlessly keeps every initiative on track through her incredible project management skills.

When it comes to content management software, Taylor’s knowledge is simply unparalleled. She lives and breathes the nitty gritty details of every system, addon, integration, you name it. Need a configuration untangled or a custom solution architected? Taylor is the master you want on the job. She has an intuitive understanding of the Laserfiche software stack that allows her to blaze new trails. With her vast expertise combined with her strong leadership abilities, we know Taylor is going to excel as Director.

Join us in congratulating her on this much-deserved promotion!