Is your current HRMS system no longer supported?

Nine Peaks Solutions | New HRMS Selection


We have a tried and true five-step process to successfully get leadership buy-in, select a new system, and manage a stress-free implementation.

STEP ONE, the most important, starts getting the project lined out and your leadership on board. We sit down with your team, ask a dozen questions to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what new features or processes could benefit your organization. A written project charter (1-3 page document) outlines the HRMS project’s objectives, roles and responsibilities, and plan. It pretty much answers any question that your leadership may have on, “why do we need a new system?” and “what’s the benefit?” Using the HRMS project charter, we help you put together a stellar presentation for your leadership where they can’t say no. These documents serve as a baseline for your project and help it move through the evaluation and implementation process at a much quicker pace than if you didn’t spend the upfront time outlining your goals.

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