Digital Transformation, Part 5: Innovation

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“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” Said the elusive Thomas Edison. That is what digital transformation is about. Continuous improvement. You’ve gone completely paperless and automated through digitizing your documents (phase 1), organizing your content (phase 2), automating your processes (phase 3), and streamlining your business operations (phase 4). What could be left? I’ll tell you. Phase five – transforming your processes to drive innovation by leveraging analytics. Yep, Big Data!In this phase, you’re using analytics and insight to discover your problems and what’s holding your company back, or what could be holding you back tomorrow. You’re continuing to streamline your processes with changing ideas and technology. This is the phase of your journey where you embrace the digital workplace and find new ways to strengthen it through innovation.

Where are you at in the process? Take this quick assessment to know. Take a snapshot of your results and send them to me. First ten people will get a Rocketbook (writable to digital notebook). This thing is awesome. You’ll not only impress your friends it’ll be your first step in going paperless!

Thanks to our partner, Laserfiche, for contributing information for this blog post series.

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