Is a document management system good for your health? Why, yes, it is!

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More than half of Americans report being stressed at work, according the American Psychological Association. Stress leads to many health problems – obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and gastrointestinal problems, to name a few. So how can a document management system reduce stress and ultimately make you healthier?

Jaw Dropping Benefits of Document Management #9: PIECE OF MIND. Whether it’s knowing all your documents are retrievable in case of a disaster or creating efficient office processes the compilation of our previous eight benefits equal #9: PIECE OF MIND. Let’s recap:


With a document management system, you can organize digital information for faster, more informed decisions. Instantly search documents by keywords and find exactly what you need…reducing stress! Read more here.


Scan your paper document directly into a document management system to capture and store them in one centralized repository. It doesn’t stop there. You can also save documents into your document management system directly from Microsoft Office applications as well as importing emails. All documents in one place….reducing stress! Read more here.


Manage your mission-critical processes to eliminate spreadsheets, emails, and busywork. Could you imagine? With a document management system, you can standardize repetitive processes which increase accuracy. Compliance policies are a piece of cake. Establish a plan and let your system enforce it to mitigate your risk of noncompliance…reducing stress! Read more here.


Put an end to file cabinets! Does your company have intake forms, customer sales forms, client information forms, inspection forms (and the list goes on)? With a document management system, you eliminate paper forms – and associated manual approvals – to provide a better user experience. Online forms for internal and external use captures information in a centralized repository and allows you to access and search from anywhere…reducing stress! Read more here.


Investing in a new software solution isn’t an easy decision. Improving your company’s bottom line is. A few benefits of implementing a records management plan using document management software includes: creating efficiencies, avoiding fines, and reducing stress! Read more here.


From recruiting and onboarding to employee information management, using a document management system to organize, automate, and secure employee data can be life-changing…reducing stress! Read more here.


Not all firms need this much oversight but if your business depends on meeting strict regulations this function of a document management system is for you. Laserfiche is the repository for all the documents. Auditing enables you to track all activities performed on an individual document…who opened it, how long it was open for, what actions were taken, etc. Combined with other aspects of the document management system, auditing not only helps to show compliance with legal regulations but also contributes to the security of the Laserfiche repository…reducing stress! Read more here.


Implementing a document management system can protect your sensitive content, ensure compliance for a multitude of regulations, and give you piece of mind. The best thing about using a document management system like Laserfiche for data security is how granular you can get. Users will only see content they are allowed to see. In addition, Laserfiche uses built-in Windows security and AES-256 encryption to ensure that data is secure when it is in transit and when it is at rest…reducing stress! Read more here.

If you’re interested in one or more of the above learn more about how Laserfiche, a world leader in document management systems, can benefit your company at a free lunch & learn on September 25, 2018, in Bend. Space is limited to the first 18 people so sign up today. Not able to attend? No problem. Contact us for more information and a free 30-Trial.